ASHRAE-Compliant Energy Audits

com-ESCO provides energy audits for all sizes, types and complexity of commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. Audits range from basic “walk-thru” assessments to investment-grade energy audits, and energy studies can easily be customized to meet owners’ needs. Common levels of energy audits provided include:

Level I Energy Audit

This will generally involve an analysis of the facility’s utility bills – with or without an Energy Star benchmark – and a brief survey of the facility. The recommendations resulting from a Level I audit do not usually include detailed cost and ROI analyses, but rather a general qualitative analysis of the facility’s energy use.

Level II Energy Audit

This provides a more detailed analysis of utility bills and a more comprehensive inspection of the facility, with identification of specific energy uses. Recommendations will include the estimated costs of implementing specific energy conservation measures (ECMs) and a quantitative ROI analysis.

Level III Energy Audit

This is an investment grade energy audit that provides a thorough field inspection of the facility, a detailed professional analysis of the energy use and potential improvements and ECMs, and is signed and sealed by an independent third-party Professional Engineer registered in the state or territory in which the facility is located. A detailed report that includes estimated costs of ECMs, ROI and life-cycle cost analysis will be provided. Preparation of bid documents (plans and specifications) can be provided at additional cost.